Midwinter update, with love…

Well it’s been a winter of reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re going, and what we want from a future we are building together. With the whiff of spring on the breeze, our planning is transitioning to affectionate labor. Soon we’ll cut down our cover crop and implement our planting schedule as we enter our second growing season here on the land. With a season of experimenting behind us, we look forward to integrating what we’ve learned, and sharing the abundance with all of you.

Musicians jamming at the monthly Soup Jam at Terra Cultura.

Alongside our experiments in small-scale, no till, ecological farming, there are many happenings taking place at Terra Cultura. Almost every week you can find a free workshop or event to attend here. We think inclusive community gathering spaces, knowledge sharing, and creative collaboration are essential elements to strengthening community resilience. Here is what you can expect to find at your friendly neighborhood educational eco-arts farm:

Mark the 3rd Tuesday (7-9pm) of each month on your calendar if you’re interested in our WRITERS GROUP. Here we experiment with literary constraints and exercises to fuel creative expression and imagination.

4th Tuesdays (7-9pm) are for musicians! Join us for our monthly SOUP JAM where we fix up a pot of farm-fresh soup and play music together. Bring a side dish or dessert to share and your musical instrument.

And keep an eye out for a monthly ART AND STARGAZING event, where we showcase a local artist, writer, or performer, then head outside to view the night sky through telescopes. The date will shift each month depending on the constellations and viewing conditions, and each month we’ll raise up different creative voices from local communities. (Know any local artists who might wish to share their work? Let us know!)

SKILLSHARE SUNDAYS and VOLUNTEER DAYS are also monthly occurrences here. These are great opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and fun. (Have an idea for a skill you would like to share or learn? Let us know!) The next Volunteer Day is Sunday, March 1, 11am-2pm (let us know if you can come!). Check our calendar page often for upcoming opportunities here on the farm.

And of course, we’re thrilled to be Teaching Artists visiting every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom in the Aromas-San Juan District for an hour per class each week. If farming, teaching, event hosting, and nonprofit managing sounds like a lot–it is! We couldn’t do it without the support our community offers, and we are so grateful for all of you for adventuring alongside us. Amid all the love that’s in the air, we hope you are feeling ours for you. We hope you’ll journey on with us boldly and hopefully into 2020, as we collaborate in cultivating the craft of living radically holistic, caring, and cooperative lives.


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  1. Barbara Learner Avatar
    Barbara Learner

    What an amazing space you are creating for many to enjoy in so many ways.